Lake House Fall Decor – 5 Hot Trends For 2019

Use the hottest colors and the most popular fall decor trends as you start decorating your lake house this fall. As the weather cools off from the hot, hot summer, it’s the best time to get creative and have some fun! 

5 Hot Lake House Fall Decor Trends

As the weather cools down and it’s finally chilly enough for sweaters and corn mazes, it’s also time to add some fall to your home decor! There are so many vibrant and beautiful home decorating fall trends you should try. 

As you are updating your home and welcoming autumn’s happy hues, remember this: always decorate from the heart. Don’t follow trends just for the sake of following trends. Your home is a reflection of you, so let your creativity shine. 

With that being said, sometimes it helps to have a starting point. These are the 5 hottest lake house decorating ideas. Try one of them or all of them! 

1.) Pops Of Bold Color and Patterns

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Fall decor trends collage

Bold buffalo check pillows and bright accent colors are hot for fall decorating. Images from Pinterest.

This fall, home decor stylists are playing with pops of bright colors and bold patterns. One huge trend is accenting with buffalo check. I’m loving the look of the large black and white check pattern with a punch of bright color like turquoise or orange.

Another on trend color: fig purple. This rich purple is perfect for fall. This shade is a beautiful accent to nature’s autumn hues. Try adding some bright turquoise pillows or a fig purple throw blanket to your room.

For a more masculine look, keep it simple with rich leathery browns and tonal patterns. What I love about this trend is that it’s so easy to transform the look of your room with just a few affordable accessories.

2.) Wood And Metal Accent Furniture

Fall decor ideas collage

Wood and metal accent furniture can make your fall home decor stand out! Images from Pinterest

If you’re in the market to update more than your sofa pillows, consider adding some wood and metal accent furniture. This style can lend itself to either a rustic or modern look.

Look for rough textured steel and imperfect edges if you like the farmhouse style. Or choose sleek gold and clean lines to make your room look more modern. Either style fits in perfectly at a lake house, and the metallic accents can either add sparkle or a rustic accent.

3.) Fall Decor Trays

Fall tray decorating trend

Collect and style your favorite things to make a pretty fall accent. Images from Pinterest.

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is to put together a lovely little breakfast tray as a living room centerpiece. Tiered trays are super trendy for your kitchen.

There are so many beautiful ideas out there. You can use fruit, flowers, candles, even mugs and small decor items. Remember to add in pops of color to match your fall theme.  

Here are a few ideas of things people put on their breakfast tray centerpieces. 

This is a time for what is in your heart to shine through. What do you love? Show it off! You can also add in photos or meaningful words. These are so fun to put together and change every season. 

4.) Typography Art

Fall typography examples

Express yourself with typography art this fall. What will your room say about you? Images from Pinterest

The next lake house decor idea for fall is to personalize your room with your favorite sayings. If you enjoy crafting, you can create your own DIY art. Maybe paint or print out your favorite quote. Or, you can decorate a sign with your family’s name.

If you aren’t very crafty, buy a custom piece of wall art from an artist. Etsy has a plethora of shops run by work at home artists with amazing talent. 

Fall is the perfect time for self-expression. What do you want your room to say about you? 

5.) Warm and Cozy Textures

Ways to add texture to your fall decorations

Make your room feel warm and cozy with rich textures. Images from Pinterest.

This fall, you’re going to see a lot of texture in accent pillows and blankets. If you’re going for a modern look, velvet is your new friend. Throw pillows are the perfect way to add a velvety touch to your room. Ottomans and blankets can bring in more of that soft, opulent feeling.

If you want a cozier, more farmhouse look, opt for embroidered pillows and fluffy fringed throws. Embroidered and stitched designs on fall-themed pillows are super on trend this fall. Look for pretty pumpkin patterns, vintage tapestry, and typography

Add a few more throw pillows in different fabrics. Drape a cozy blanket across the couch. Update your curtains or drapes. 

And, of course, you will want to leave room for some coffee. Bring in some coasters for your coffee table and prepare for some heartwarming conversations as the wind blows outside.  

Easy Lake House Decor in the Fall

Do you have some lake house decor ideas swirling in your head now! Keep that dreaming going. Put your ideas onto a Pinterest board or write them down in an idea journal. 

Living on the water really enhances creativity, doesn’t it? Allow yourself to dream away, and enjoy your charming lake home. Part of the luxury of owning a home on the water is the fun of decorating it every season. So let yourself free and have a blast bringing in all the best parts of fall.  

The best lakehouse decorating trends for fall. You've got to try these!

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