Gigantic Inflatable Floating Islands For Endless Lake Fun

If you’re having a party out on the water you need to incorporate one of these giant inflatable floating islands. These party floats for lakes offer a genius alternative to floating loungers and inner-tubes.

An exciting new fad, inflatable floating islands, and rafts come in all shapes and sizes and are even large enough to allow babies to wiggle (a little) on their own instead of being stuck on mommy or daddy’s lap.

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Giant flamingo float on water

They make a great addition to backyard BBQ’s, birthday parties, and holiday gatherings. Instead of having separate floats that keep you apart from the others in your group, give your guests a space to lounge on the water all in one place.


Floating islands give you a chance to spend time on the water even if you don’t have a dock or boat.

The best inflatable floating islands

These party island floats are seriously gigantic and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Check out the most unique, most party-ready, and most fun floating island rafts we could find.

Giant Flamingo Party Bird

How much more fun can it get? This giant flamingo float can seat up to 6 and comes with an area to stock ice and drinks.

You’re sure to get noticed when lounging in this enormous pink bird-shaped lake floating island. With conveniences like an attached dock and included pump and carrying bag, you’ll be sure to use this inflatable floating island year after year.

Inflatable Iceberg Wall Climber

An inflatable climbing wall in the water is the sort of thing you would normally only see at an expensive summer camp, but not anymore.

Up to 8 people at a time can race to the top of the iceberg then slide down the side straight into the water. This floating island is great for parties where guests prefer to be active instead of lounging on the water.

Floating Pizza

If you want to have something that is both fun and functional, then you might want to consider a floating pizza. You can already get individual pizza slices to float on but now you can be a whole pizza with all your friends. The individual slices can also be detached from the group so you have the best of both worlds.

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

For the ultimate in relaxation with your friends, you need to get a Tropical Tahiti Floating Island.

It comes with seating for 7, including two spaces to lay down. Every chair comes with its own armrest and cupholder. It also has two coolers. But, perhaps its biggest draw for young families is the sectioned off walking space between the two loungers, the perfect spot for a toddler to crawl around.

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II

You can fit six people on this island comfortably though more can be squeezed on if they don’t mind not having the back support that comes on two sides.

It also has 6 cup holders so you aren’t stuck holding on to your drink while you float the day away. Keep the two cooler bags full of ice so you can have ice cold drinks, popsicles, and other cold foods without having to go to shore.

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze

Being able to lounge in the sun is great for a few minutes, but after that, you’re risking getting a sunburn or other skin-related issues.

But this floating island with canopy by CoolerZ has thought of that and included a canopy for the 6 person seating area. There are also two seats that aren’t covered so you can go back and forth if you like.

Hydro-Force Bahama Wave

Six adults can comfortably fit on the Hydro-Force Bahama Wave, including two spaces for lounging. It also has special areas for keeping your drinks ice cold. The bottom is a rubberized mesh material that lets water in so your feet will stay cool while you’re relaxing.

Heavy Duty Plank Float

The final one is a pretty simple concept, there aren’t any chairs or walls to keep you in. It’s just a single large plank.

But the cool thing is that these floating planks can be zipped together to form massive water island floats. Attach them to boat docks or even the shore so it doesn’t drift away.

Have you played on a floating party island?

Maybe you could even create a giant floating island park like the one in the Philippines? Tag us (@lakehartwellguide) in your floating island pics on Instagram!

Biggest and best inflatable floating party islands

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