About Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell sits on the borders of Georgia and South Carolina. It is one of the largest and most visited manmade lakes in the southeast. The lake was created by installing an enormous dam across the Savannah River.

Construction of the dam and lake began in the 1950s and took nearly 8 years and $90 million to complete.

The creation of Lake Hartwell and Dam allowed for the production of electricity for surrounding communities as well as flood control for towns located downstream.

Today Lake Hartwell communities are home to over 45,000 people and the lake sees up to 10 million visitors per year.

With that many people, there’s always something fun going on! Even though the lake is busiest in the summer, you’ll still see boaters and fishermen out on the lake through the winter.

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Lake Hartwell Facts - Hartwell dam is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers

Hartwell Dam taken January 2016

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